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Saphir safran started its work with a central office in Canada and is always trying to be the best and will not even be satisfied with this so it can give its customers the best services in order to achieve your satisfaction and be at the top. Since Iran’s saffron is the best in the world and all it is our customers’ right to have the best all over the world, we decided to give you the best saffron from Iran’s best farms with the best packaging and highest standards. Currently with the help of high quality of our products, paying attention to health codes and customer orientation we have been able to export Iran’s Red Gold to many foreign countries.

we able to export Iran’s Red Gold
To many countries in the world
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Inflammation Remedy and Pain Reduction

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Reducing Stomach Disorders

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Improving Nerve Functionality

9 key of Saffron Benefits

Although people look at saffron as a flavor for their food, but this spice
has many nutrients with many properties
  • Supporting Immune System
  • Good for Blood Circulation
  • Boost the Heart
  • Controling Diabetes
  • Relieving Stress
  • Bone Density Reinforcement
  • Improving Nerve Functionality
  • Anti-Depression
  • Cancer Prevention
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What Makes Persian Sargol Saffron So Great?

Sargol saffron

Sargol saffron is the most common kind of saffron and most of customers
are more familiar with this kind. In this type there is no sign of the yellow part of the saffron or its root and it only consists of its crest. In sargol saffron, since most of the white part of the root is cut out, the coloring effect and external quality is increased.


There are some people who change the color of the white part with artificial colors and sell these parts as sargol saffron. These artificial colors are extremely harmful to body. There are about 800 ways of fraud in saffron, but because we buy directly from the farmer and he is under our supervision, you can buy our products with peace of mind.


Fresh saffron has a mild scent and in case of proper maintenance and drying it has a brighter color than old saffron. Fresh saffron is soft and to the untrained eye it looks like it has not been dried, whereas old saffron is brittle. You can compare these properties in our products to be certain of its quality.

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